Pop Sensation Miley Cyrus Drops ‘Used To Be Young’

Yesterday, American pop icon Miley Cyrus announced her latest single, the eclectic new piece, ‘Used To Be Young’, in a blockbuster Instagram post (which currently has just under a million likes). Cyrus reflects on stories of her youth in the awesome new song (and accompanying music video), her first work since the April 2023 release of ‘Jaded’, the final single from her eighth album, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’.

Miley Cyrus wasn’t always known as Miley – there was a time where people only knew her as Hannah Montana, or one of Billy Ray Cyrus’s half a dozen children. However, over the past decade and a half, Miley has slowly carved out her own identity, starting with her second album, ‘Breakout’, which released in 2008 (her first album was released with the Hannah Montana soundtrack). Since then, she has shaped her own image, creating plenty of controversy along the way, mostly through photo shoots and music videos, although all that has been left in the past. Now, in the present and future, Miley Cyrus is her own woman, though she continues to reflect on her past with songs like ‘Used To Be Young’.

Although we don’t have the full picture yet, there are 4 lines of lyrics from the song that have popped up not only across social media, but in real life, with posters captioned with the song’s lyrics popping up in major cities across the world, including New York, Paris, Los Angeles and many more. In a week, the highly anticipated song will finally be available for streaming across major platforms, and will absolutely rock the world the same way Miley Cyrus has done so for nearly the last two decades.

Keep updated on the new track through Miley Cyrus’s website here.

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