Kings County Release New Single ‘Bleed These Tears’

Rock band, Kings County, have recently dropped their new single ‘Bleed These Tears’ – available to stream on Spotify now. 

‘Bleed These Tears’ is the follow-up single after the release of ‘7 Things’ – both tracks just as good as the last. Talking of the single, vocalist and bassist says:

“’Bleed These Tears’ was written about a close friend of the bands. It’s a sobering look into the effects of self-mutilation and the physical and emotional scars it leaves behind.”

Although ‘Bleed These Tears’ focusses on what is a hard-hitting topic, the execution of the song is more energetic – perfect for a moshpit! The deep lyrics partnered with Kings County’s signature classic rock sound creates a flawless contrast.

Kings County had quite the team around them when making the song. It was recorded at the iconic Pearl Sound Studios with Grammy Award-winning producer Chuck Alkazian – who has worked with the likes of Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric.

Make sure you let Kings County know what you think of their new banger over on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and stream the track as much as you can to show your support!

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