MARTHA TILSTON: ‘In This Song’ – New Single From Soundtrack Album To Debut Feature Film ‘The Tape’ – OUT NOW

‘The Tape’ is the debut feature film by Martha Tilston. Not only does the celebrated singer-songwriter write, direct and star in its gripping and surprising story, but she also recorded its stunning soundtrack live on set. This is believed to be a UK first for a non-concert film, and the only time this has been done at all since Robert Altman’s ‘Nashville’ in 1975. The film and soundtrack are both out now.

Alex Woodard – ‘Halfway’ 

Acclaimed singer songwriter Alex Woodard is as much at home with a pen in his hand as he is when he’s standing strumming behind a guitar. A storyteller at heart whose songs are right up there with Springsteen and Mellencamp, Woodard is also a published author, so when he reaches his limit lyrically, he’s able to step in with his books, with each reinforcing the other. His latest series of essays, ‘Living Halfway’, finds its musical equivalent in his song, ‘Halfway’, a fan favourite that the artist has been singing on tour for several years now. Paired with ‘Living Halfway’, the song takes on a deeper meaning.