Irish Singer Songwriter Cian Ducrot Achieves His Dream With ‘Victory’

Last week, on August 4th, Irish songwriter and singer Cian Ducrot released his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Victory’, on all major streaming platforms. Ducrot has been hard at work behind the scenes since 2018, and ‘Victory’ is the culmination of that work, celebrating everything he’s worked on since then, including an EP, a mixtape and a wide variety of singles and collaborations with other artists, including touring with platinum-certified singers Ed Sheeran and Ella Henderson.

Born in Ireland shortly before the turn of the millennium, in 1997, he grew up in Cork, where his mother was a reputable pianist and flutist. Feeling inspired by his mother, Ducrot took part in multiple musical projects at his school, and after leaving secondary, started studying at the Royal Academy of Music as a flutist. Although Ducrot took up part of his mother’s passion by studying to be a flutist, a visit to the City of Angels during his schooling changed his mind, and since then, he has pursued his own dream of becoming a successful pop artist – a dream he recently achieved, with the success of his latest work, ‘Victory’, and its singles, putting him in the books already at the young age of 25 (soon 26 – his birthday is the 30th).

’Victory’ is a much more emotional album than Ducrot’s previous music, reflecting on how he got to be a successful artist, his upbringing, familial troubles and past relationships. Including brilliant tracks such as ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ and ‘All For You’, both of which have reached top 20 on the UK charts already, the album is an overall celebration of Cian Ducrot’s quarter-century life up until this point, and is worth a listen from anyone, even if their life experiences differ from those discussed in the album.

Stream ‘Victory’ on major platforms here.

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