Brian Eno’s Top Boy Series Soundtrack Announced By Netflix

Yesterday, Netflix announced the release date of the smash hit crime drama Top Boy’s soundtrack album. Produced by legendary musician and composer Brian Eno, the new album will come in vinyl, CD and digital format, and will be releasing as early as September 1st for digital release and the 29th for physical formats. This is the first time in its 12-year broadcasting cycle that any music produced for Top Boy will be publicly available for audiences to listen to.

Brian Eno has been composing music for over five decades now, earning a wide variety of awards inside and outside of the field of music. Producing albums for groups such as David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2, Ultravox, and others, his achievements in the music industry have gained him a reputation for doing consistently brilliant production work, no matter the genre. His work in creating and popularising ambient music has gotten him plenty of work with production studios, with Netflix and Top Boy’s production crew being the most recent of many. Due to Top Boy’s commercial success, Netflix has made a decision along with Eno to release the soundtrack album in September to commemorate the last series of the hit show.

Released alongside the announcement was a new, completely unused track meant to be used in the series. Titled ‘Cutting Room 1’, the track was not used at all in the series, yet makes its way onto the soundtrack album – something the title of the song reflects. Eno’s approach to creating the soundtrack, which involved viewing the world from the characters’ point of view, shows itself in this awesome new track, with gritty ambience accompanied by simple sombre melodies creating a window into the world of Summerhouse Estate. Tracks of this quality being cut from the show can only mean one thing – the show’s music is going to be absolutely top notch when we get to hear it in full on September 1st.

Pre-save the score here and listen to Cutting Room 1 down below.

Cutting Room I | Top Boy | Official Score | Netflix

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