alice does computer music Releases Debut Album ‘Shoegaze 5G’

Following up her release of her latest single, ‘Coiled’ (which we wrote about here), Alice Gerlach, better known as alice does computer music, released the accompanying piece – her debut album, ‘Shoegaze 5G’ – on streaming platforms on August 4th. The long-awaited album from the Chicago-based indie artist has been in the works for a significant time now, but we can finally see the fruits of that work take shape. Gerlach is also doing an album release show on September 1st – more details on that will be available below.

Alice Gerlach has been rising through the Chicago indie scene for some time, using the name alice does computer music, which she released a self-titled extended play under in 2021. Since then, she has been working on a variety of projects, including the aforementioned ‘Shoegaze 5G’. The cellist has been demonstrating her passion for music for some time now through her experimental music, fusing classical and pop elements to create brilliant medleys, which can be seen on her latest album.

Different songs on the album take different approaches to create a whole new style of music that few before Gerlach have done. This style shows itself in songs like the classical-R&B fusion ‘Coiled’, the pulsating electronic mix of ‘Widow’s Peak’ and the lead single, ‘Lilypad’, sounding almost otherworldly. Although ‘Shoegaze 5G’ isn’t entirely shoegaze, rather mostly a strange new fusion of electronic, R&B and classical, it incorporates the main ideas of the brilliant genre – creating abstract music through distorted sounds and tunes. This is the kind of music that sounds even better live – luckily, as previously mentioned, Gerlach is doing an album release show in the Brooklyn venue, The Living Gallery, on September 1st, something you can learn more about below.

Find out more about the album release show here and stream the brilliant new album here.

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