Platinum Producer Jax Jones And Fireboy DML Release Single ‘Me & My Guitar’

On July 7th, Jax Jones and Fireboy DML released their latest single, ‘Me & My Guitar’. Both artists have been hard at work on this single – it serves as an autobiography of sorts, detailing the two artists’ lives and how they lead up to this point. The song comes with an accompanying video that helps the listener visualise Jones and Fireboy’s upbringings, and is a pleasant departure from Jones’s usual house music productions.

Jones was born in London, but has heritage from a wide range of countries, including Turkey, Malaysia, and China, and so he grew up influenced by multiple cultures and genres of music, as well as having his Nigerian stepfather introducing him to afrobeat and rap. These influences helped Jones develop his own unique sound, which helped him become incredibly successful in the UK house music scene. Fireboy DML was born in Nigeria and was also introduced to afrobeat at a young age; it ended up becoming the base of his music, which he describes as ‘Afro-Life’. Because his stepdad is Nigerian, Jones and Fireboy bonded over ethnicity and started working on the song together a couple months ago.

The song combines elements of Jones’s guitar, which he has incorporated into multiple of his platinum-certified hits the past decade, and Fireboy’s vocal performing style, which he has become widely recognised and appreciated for over the past 5 years. Jones adds vocals of his own, and the chorus features both singing about their lives, with the verses detailing their upbringings more closely. Overall, the two artists mesh together incredibly well on the song, creating a smooth, mellow mix that anyone can pick up and enjoy.

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