How To Get Your Music Heard? We Have Six Tips

So you have a passion for music, and maybe you love to sing. Here’s six tips on how to get your music heard.

Record a demo

This is important. If you are looking to promote your music, make sure to have a demo to hand that you can give away, or if you are busking, sell some CDs. Your demo should perhaps include your songs, your website and social media accounts, professional pictures of you and even a music video.

Consistently release content

It is very important to be able to get your music out there. Regularly release music, whether it be original music or covers, as well as videos to accompany the songs. Make a youtube channel/website so your music is heard, and potentially gain some new fans. The key to being seen is to be constantly out there. Sure someone can stumble on your video or SoundCloud upload from two years, but you’re more likely to be discovered if you’re a regular resident of the “new releases” section of your chosen platform.

Connect with fans

Make sure to have social media to connect with your fans and make use of the wide variety of different platforms out there. An up to date music website, where you list your new releases or gig dates can be helpful, especially if you share it on your social media. Being seen to engage with fans, both old and new, can help you gain more fans.

Gigs/live shows

Get into contact with local bars/pubs/venues to gain some more fans, who will hopefully spread the news about your music by word of mouth or on their own social media. Make an impact in your local town and this can help you go further afield. Look for people who may want a support act to make an impact to a different fan base.

Send music to blogs/press

At Essentially Pop we get hundreds of emails a week from artists wanting promotion for their music , and for people to listen to it. As we have a strong following on both our website and social media, we’re able to make this happen. There are other blogs out there, such as Devious Pop, and Stereo Stickman, just to name a couple, who want to hear your music. Additionally, you can contact local radio stations to see if they will play your songs. Make sure to have a press release handy including information such as: who you are, what your music is about, links to find you/listen to your songs, social media/website links, email address/phone number, any quotes from other people and at least one high quality press shot to be included in any reviews.

Get in touch with the industry

There are many people within the music industry who will be able to take your music to the next level. Working with a record label will allow you to release your music with financial support, in addition to their expertise in marketing and other aspects of the industry. They can also put you onto other contacts, who can get you and your music featured in TV, Films, ads and so on.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Let us know if you find them helpful and if you have any success!

About the author

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