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4 Tips and Tricks for Breaking Into the Music Industry

It would be next to impossible to place a number on the artists who dream of breaking into the music industry. In fact, there probably isn’t a tiny town or village anywhere in the country that doesn’t have at least one aspiring singer or performer. With that said, the key to breaking into the industry is to obviously get noticed, but when competing with hundreds of thousands of musicians who may be just as talented as you are, it will take that extra special something to get out ahead of the crowd. So then, how can you do that? Here are four tips and tricks that just might get you the recognition you need to propel you straight to the top.

#TheShowMustBePaused: Why The Music Industry Needs To Get Behind #BlackLivesMatter Not Just On #BlackOutTuesday

Today the music industry pauses to show support and unite in solidarity for #BlackLivesMatter. It would be folly not to. This industry owes a debt of gratitude, and in fact would not exist if it were not for the people of colour who started what we today consider modern music, which was born out of the sorrow songs of those taken in slavery to work the fields in America. In time this begat distinct genres, such as Gospel, Soul, Rhythm n Blues, Jazz…and in turn, Rock and Roll, Funk, Pop, and Hip-Hop – and just about every other genre in between.

How Do You Break Into The Music Industry?

Breaking into the music industry is a dream that many artists have. Imagine getting up on stage in front of thousands of people, and performing a song that you’ve written and recorded? However, whilst you may count guitars instead of counting sheep at night, without a solid plan your music industry hopes will remain a pipe dream. But how do you reach the stardom that you want, and are there steps worth taking that will work out in your favour? In short, yes. We’ve noted down some of them here.