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4 Tips and Tricks for Breaking Into the Music Industry

It would be next to impossible to place a number on the artists who dream of breaking into the music industry. In fact, there probably isn’t a tiny town or village anywhere in the country that doesn’t have at least one aspiring singer or performer. With that said, the key to breaking into the industry is to obviously get noticed, but when competing with hundreds of thousands of musicians who may be just as talented as you are, it will take that extra special something to get out ahead of the crowd. So then, how can you do that? Here are four tips and tricks that just might get you the recognition you need to propel you straight to the top.

1. Produce and Upload Videos

Whether or not you like him, that’s just how Justin Bieber got his start. He uploaded homemade videos of himself singing to YouTube and was noticed by a professional manager who took Justin under his wing. The rest as they say, was history. All it takes is the right desktop for music production, a good quality video camcorder and a hook that sets you apart from other budding performers.

2. Work on Your Hook

Sometimes this is referred to as stage presence, but developing a unique hook is how you literally rope them in. Think Lady Gaga and you will have a prime example of a hook that is so unlike any other performers in her genre. Historically, think Elvis Presley and his gyrating hips or Elton John in his feathers. From Little Stevie Wonder to Michael Jackson, these artists developed a style that was unique to them and something the audience could get hooked on – a hook as it were. When you produce your own video to upload, be sure to make your performance as unique as your sound.

3. Beyond the Uploaded Video Performance

Here, the trick is getting people to listen to and watch your videos that you’ve uploaded. YouTube and TikTok are great sites to help you attract a huge following, but they need to know you are there. Make use of hashtags and SEO keywords so that when people search for songs, they’ll be led to you because of your effective use of search terms. This is something you may want to spend time learning and any really good marketing blog can give you all the tips you need. You can’t be heard without an audience, so use these marketing tips carefully.

4. Build a Large Social Following

One final tip is often misconstrued. When you are advised to upload videos to social media, they don’t mean to several social sites. Start with one or two so that you can monitor them enough to stay active. YouTube and Facebook or YouTube and TikTok are great combinations. Just remember that it isn’t social unless you respond to people who post on your social profile. Keep the conversation going and before you know it you will build a huge following with the snowball effect. Friends of friends will begin following you and before you know it you will have a huge, readymade fan base.

Remember, you really don’t need to send tapes and samples of your work to the major labels like they did once upon a time. Talent scouts are out there online, and you can get found that way just as easily. Don’t forget to work on that hook and draw in an audience with effective SEO. But, above all, have fun doing it. That’s what your fans are looking for – a good time. So, give it to them!

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