4 Musicians Who Love Playing Games as Much as We Do

Old-time gamers can still remember when gaming was seen as nerdy or something for children or teenagers, but things have changed so much for the industry. Gaming has gone full mainstream and is much more geared towards adults today. Everyone plays games and loves talking about gaming, including public figures like musicians. 

Some of them are hardcore gamers who can hold their own against virtually anyone. Others might not be as skilled but love engaging people through gaming streams, which are starting to attract a very diverse cast of people. Let’s take a look at some musicians who love playing games as much as we do.


Eminem is known for his legendary hit “Lose Yourself”, but he’s also known for getting lost in a game of COD or two. Eminem doesn’t only love playing games, however; he likes participating in their creation as well. He recently partnered up with Activision to provide some of the soundtrack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The song “Survival” was so good that Eminem decided to add it to its critically acclaimed album the MMLP2 and it was a huge hit with fans.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg had an interesting evolution as an artist. He went from the rough streets of Long Beach to making recipes with Martha Stewart to now being one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He’s not known for his set of skills, but his meltdowns have been epic and some of the funniest ever seen on the platform.

He likes to play sports games with Madden being his favorite, but he has also been spotted playing on real money online casino sites and Call of Duty. Interesting to note that Activision also approached Snoop to work on the Call of Duty: Ghosts and gave him his own voice pack, which is pretty cool if you ask us.


Very few people on this planet can say that they were the first person to do something, but Marshmello can. Mashmello was known for being an avid gamer before he became a DJ and was the first DJ in history to hold a concert within a video game. He held a concert in the Fortnite universe which was a huge hit and could serve as inspiration for the multiverse. In addition to holding virtual concerts, Marshmello is very involved in the community and even has his own YouTube video game series.


Some people may think that an artist like Drake would be too busy to play games, but he is said to be one of the biggest gamers in the music business. He was good enough to play a few games alongside Ninja on Twitch, which is not something most artists or even gamers can boast about.

Drake also said that he likes to pass the time during recording sessions by playing some of his favorite games. Since his love for gaming has been discovered Drake has been much more open about it and starting to release more gaming-related content as a result.

Musicians are not that different from us and many of them like the same hobbies we do. So, if you’re a gamer, you now have a few artists you can relate more to, and who knows, maybe have a chance to interact with.

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