Yesterday, MONSTA X members SHOWNU and HYUNGWON released their first mini album, titled ‘THE UNSEEN’, accompanied by a music video for ‘Love Me A Little’, the focus track on the album. ‘THE UNSEEN’ is MONSTA X’s most recent project since ‘The Dreaming’, released in December 2021, and is already making the rounds on the internet for its high production quality and the duo’s incredible vocals. This will also be SHOWNU’s first project since his enlistment in the South Korean military in July 2021.

The seven-man Korean group formed back in late 2014, as part of the TV show ‘No Mercy’. They later debuted with their first EP, ‘Trespass’, in early 2015, which reached #5 on the Korean charts, and followed it up with another EP, ‘Rush’, releasing the same year. Since then, the group has become one of the most popular boy bands in east Asia, releasing albums in Korean, Japanese and English, getting a top 10 chart spot with their albums in all 3 languages. The group’s primary influences include fellow Korean band BigBang, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, with many others providing inspiration for their unique approach to k-pop. The duo of SHOWNU & HYUNGWON now seek to show the world their style and influence pthers with their latest work, ‘The Unseen’.

The five-track Korean EP demonstrates MONSTA X’s intense style of k-pop perfectly, with SHOWNU and HYUNGWON both delivering immaculate vocals across all tracks, accompanied by the brilliant high-energy instrumentation to create a great listening experience. The focus track, ‘Love Me A Little’, details how difficult it can be to be yourself, instead of being who others expect you to be, a topic that anyone can relate to. It also comes with a music video, featuring brilliant choreography and cinematography from their talented production crew, which provides the perfect visuals to accompany the music. The album is definitely worth a listen even if you can’t understand Korean – the music is nothing short of brilliant.

Stream ‘THE UNSEEN’ here and watch the music video down below.

SHOWNU X HYUNGWON 셔누X형원 'Love Me A Little' MV

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