Lakeyah Drops Music Video For ‘Want Em Hood’

This week, on July 11th, Lakeyah released a brand new music video for her latest song, ‘Want Em Hood’. The track builds on the momentum she’s gained after releasing her 4-track single ‘Add It Up’ earlier this year, in June, and has already gotten the up-and-coming rapper attention from multiple major publishing companies such as Rolling Stone, BET, XXL and others in the music industry.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lakeyah first started rapping at the age of 15 in high school. Afterwards, she joined the music duo B.T.M. (Beyond The Music), and started releasing songs on YouTube, including the song ‘It’s A Fucked Up Love Story’. She got millions of views on the platform, but BTM quickly broke up, and she moved on to making solo projects, releasing ‘The Keymix’ shortly after the breakup. She moved down to Atlanta for college, where a string of collaborations on songs led her to signing with Atlanta record label Quality Control Music. Now, she is releasing her latest video, ‘Want Em Hood’, on the label.

Lakeyah has produced her own style of sound over her time in the music industry, which she demonstrates expertly on ‘Want Em Hood’. The song is also accompanied by a brilliant music video with a wide range of special guests making cameos – Flo Milli and Skilla Baby, to name a few. The cameos aren’t the only great thing about the video, as the cinematography is very impressive and the video fits in perfectly with the song, staying on topic the whole way through. This is some of Lakeyah’s best work yet – but more good work is yet to come.

Watch the new music video on YouTube here.

Lakeyah - WANT EM HOOD (Official Video)

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