Tender, Real, And Ethereal – The Luck’s New Album Is ‘Ready To Run’

Releasing their full length debut album ‘Ready To Run’ on July 26th, sibling duo The Luck’s forthcoming offering showcases their propensity to create tracks from rousing country ballads to inspirational Americana Pop hits.

Having made a name for themselves both at home and across the pond, The Luck have worked hard to establish and maintain a loyal fan base on both sides of the Atlantic.

Their story began in London where they played and practised as two solo acts, however in 2011 the sibling pair realised their potential as a duo, and so The Luck was born….

Starting out as a grassroots act playing to small crowds in venues across the UK it wasn’t long before the industry became interested in this talented pair. Following this they flew out to LA and played some of the States’ most respected venues including the Hotel Café. The Luck’s popularity and notoriety have only grown, and they have accumulated over 2 million streams on Spotify, and boast over 20,000 followers on the streaming giant Twitch.

Now with successful foundations laid The Luck are returning with a bang to release their hotly anticipated full-length album ‘Ready to Run’, the pairs first LP since they were first established.

Starting the album with an awe-inspiring song, title track ‘Ready To Run’ puts singer Esmay’s powerfully bright vocals to the forefront of the songs sound. Accompanied by catchy pop lyrics and endearing instrumentals, courtesy of Max’s acoustic guitar playing, ‘Ready To Run’ is a brilliant start to the album’s track listing.

Taking a more stripped back approach, ‘Place In The Sun’ and ‘If This Is Love’ are minimalistic in their musicality. With twinkling piano keys and heartfelt violins making up the majority of the instrumentals, the pair work in harmony to create goose bump worthy moments throughout these tracks.

Whilst album ‘Ready To Run’ was recorded out in Los Angeles, The Luck have returned home to London ahead of the albums launch show and record release. Bringing their own sound, inspired by musical greats including Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty back to the UK, this brother sister combination will be taking to festivals later this summer including River Cottage and FoundTown Festival, bringing their debut ‘Ready To Run’ to a live setting.

Watch their brand new music video below, and make sure to check their album out to hear their beautifully honest and uplifting reflections on love, heartbreak, and moving on.

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