Altuz – ‘Bitchin’ And ‘Altuz Baby’

More and more, music these days has become all about fusion, with most popular artists refusing to be pigeonholed into one particular genre, and it’s something that the charts are having a problem accepting: case in point, ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X, which fused perfectly rap and country music, causing the Billboard Charts compilers to have a near coronary.

Altuz may not yet be a household name, but don’t count on that being the case for long. He could well be the source of  the next smash hit crossover-single.

Always working at the intersection of styles, Altuz blends hip hop, rock, blues, electronica, and pop. His latest single, ‘Bitchin’, is a funky, slamming track, with a backwoods slide six-string riff, a chant-along chorus, and a sublime rhyme like you got no time.

Before he got into music, Altuz was a video director, and he uses this talent to good effect in the clip for ‘Bitchin’. Altuz and his crew are deep in the country, rapping for their lives, with all the fluidity and confidence, not to mention cleverness, that have always been the artist’s hallmarks.

Watch the video here:

Altuz - Bitchin' (Official Music Video)

Second clip, ‘Altuz Baby’, shows that matching guitars to hip-hop drums isn’t the only string to his bow – he can straight up rhyme with the best. In the video we see Altuz taking  the stage in a typical dive bar, delivering his fiery rhymes to a near empty room. On closer inspection, we discover that the few members of the audience are actually Altuz, in different costumes. He takes a break to catch his breath, and we see the barflies take up the slack.

Altuz - Altuz Baby! (Official Music Video)

You can find out more about Altuz online on his official website.

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