Premiere: Christian Parker’s ‘Forever Man’ Expands On The Beatles’ ‘Nowhere Man’ With Song About Wanting To Hold Onto Worldly Wealth

Christian Parker describes his new single, ‘Forever Man’, as the cousin to ‘Nowhere Man’, by The Beatles. Out now through Subcat Records, ‘Forever Man’ is accompanied by an incredibly eerie music video directed by Morgan Elliott.

Back in the 1960s, The Beatles released their single, ‘Nowhere Man’, a song about someone with no ambition, who drifted through life, content with their lot, and not wanting to expand their horizons in any way, shape, or form. This Nowhere Man is still very much around today, with many people just going about their lives, living every day without purpose. Christian Parker expands on this idea in his new single, ‘Forever Man’ – but rather than the titular man being without ambition, he instead is so attached to his worldly possessions that he loses sight of the bigger picture; he is like the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, accumulating wealth and losing sight of the people who love him.

Parker makes no pretension as to his inspirations for ‘Forever Man’. It’s The Beatles all the way. He was inspired to write the song after watching Peter Jackson’s incredible documentary, ‘Get Back’, which covered the making of The Beatles’ 1970 album, ‘Let It Be’. The track maintains similar chord progressions to ‘Nowhere Man’, and Parker used an Epiphone Casino guitar, with P-90 pickups, in order to further emphasise the Beatles-esque sound. He also used a vintage 1965 Hofner bass guitar, to emulate Paul McCartney’s style. Additionally, he captured the vocal style of the Beatles with a three-part triad chorus.

‘Forever Man’ is instantly catchy and the listener will be compelled to sing along with the chorus, just like any Beatles track. The serious message won’t be lost on anyone either, and it serves as a cautionary tale about how there’s more than one way to get lost in life.

The music video for ‘Forever Man’, which can be seen here, was directed by Morgan Elliott, and takes us back in time with photos of Parker’s life, as if they’re in an album. Eerily some of them come to life: photos of Christian playing guitar, mop top haircut and all, singing along to the new song, other scenes show him on stage with his bandmates, leaning out of the window of a barn, or surrounded by family. Interspersed between the “moving pictures” are clips of Parker performing now, causing us to remember that although the things of this world may fade away, good music never will.

Watch the music video for ‘Forever Man’ here, and find out more about Christian Parker and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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