Kēvens Challenges Us To Reach Out To All The ‘Legal Dreamers’ In New Single And Video

No matter what the state declares to be a criminal offence, we will always be allowed to dream – they can’t touch what goes on in our heads. Miami singer-songwriter Kēvens knows this, and in his new single, ‘Legal Dreamers’, he encourages us to put aside all our misgivings and reach out in the spirit of humanity.

We’re all dreamers – all chasing that dream of a better life, and for many, that opportunity to better themselves is denied by fate and circumstance. It doesn’t stop them trying to get it in whatever way they can however, and this sort of ambition and hustle is hard to fault. Kēvens asks us to extend our hands as a welcome to the immigrants, travellers, and all those who are trying to make their way in an land that is unfamiliar to them. Additionally, he asks that the fortunate ones should put aside their misgivings and instead greet migrants in the spirit of shared humanity. It’s radical thinking, but it’s not hard to get caught up in it. I mean – why not.

Kēvens has mastered many forms of electronic music from all over the globe, proving that there’s no borders when it comes to creativity. UK drum and bass, European techno, tropical dub, and North American club beats are all styles he knows and uses in his music. Kēvens knows that good ideas transcend culture, and so he’s free to make dance tracks that draw unexpected connections across the world. He’s become an in-demand attraction because of his kinetic performances – taking the stage at festivals like Florida Zen, One Love Japan, and Earthdance. Meanwhile, his deep understanding of Caribbean roots music has ensured his position as a favoured collaborator of the members of Jamaica’s first musical family: he’s recorded with Stephen Marley and Damian “Jr. Gong,” as well as performed with many other island legends who recognize his knowledge, his integrity, and his imagination.

Kēvens’ new single, ‘Legal Dreamers’, is a seamless union of reggae vocals, dub horns, EDM beats, and pop-rock. The richly melodic track will get the party started, while at the same time sharing its powerful message. As he sings, “We’re here because we believe”, he shows that both his patriotism, and his defiance, are two sides of the one coin.

The music video for ‘Legal Dreamers’ shows the USA at its most inspiring, as well as its most forbidding. The lamp of the Statue of Liberty, protests in the streets, the folds of the flag. We are taken all over the world, from dusty Township settlements juxtaposed with verdant jungle scenes and the high-rises of Europe, and crowded streets of Asian cities. But no matter where in the world we are, we see beautiful humans, their faces sharing a dream of a better life. No matter how different our circumstances and backgrounds may be, our dreams are strikingly similar.

Watch the music video for ‘Legal Dreamers’ below, and find out more about Kēvens and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and VK.

Kēvens - Legal Dreamers

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