Justin Love Faces Facts With New Rap Pop Single, ‘No Friends’

When you come into money or fame, it’s a sad fact that you realise that many of your friends aren’t there for your personality, and won’t stick around when you’ve run out of cash. It’s one fact that’s widely known by pop and hip hop artists, and New Jersey native Justin Love goes into the depths of the experience with his new single, ‘No Friends’.

‘No Friends’ is a gorgeous single, with Love’s singular singing style showing through. The artist has achieved a lot in a short time, co-writing ‘Focus’ for H.E.R., and having a hit of his own in 2019 with ‘Runaway’. His vocal style is smooth, sultry, ruminative, and charismatic – yet at the same time it also manages to be excitable, as well as heartbroken. He knows when to draw on which aspect of his personality and as so appeals to a wide range of music fans – as well as adherents who want in on a piece of the action.

With ‘No Friends’, Justin Love doesn’t sound angry, but rather, he’s resigned to the situation, knowing it’s a part of the music business. While it may be dispiriting, he’s not going to let those people get in his way.

‘No Friends’, produced by ATG, is sleek and glossy, with a quiet swagger that adds to the genuine pain in his vocals. He knows this feeling all too well, but he’s not going to let it take over.

The music video for ‘No Friends’ has been beautifully shot, and was filmed and edited by Love’s visual collaborator, Few Oliveira, while Love directed it himself. It covers a day in his life; starting out by choosing the clothes he’s going to wear, done in a way to ensure he’s ready to be seen. Visiting the Mandrake Club at Miami Beach, he’s soon surrounded by the beautiful people, who are all having fun and making sure they look gorgeous for the cameras. Once the music stops however, he’s alone by himself – well, alone apart from the bill, which naturally, he has to pay. It’s a brilliant visual representation of the song, and is guaranteed to move you.

Watch the music video for ‘No Friends’ below and find out more about Justin Love and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Justin Love - No Friends Prod. The ATG

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