Hubba Baba: We Speak With Baba Jenkins About Their Music, Their Inspirations, And Their Intriguing Band Name

Baba Jenkins have been on our radar for over a year now, and we most recently wrote about them in January, with the release of their single, ‘Touro de Lide‘, in January this year. We caught up with the Los Angeles quartet, and asked them some questions, including how they came up with their unique band name.

Hi there, thank you for speaking with us!

Your band name is in homage to Bobo Jenkins and the fact that all of you are fathers. It gives it a very unique flavour, and a sense of what your music is going to be like before you even play. But did you consider other names before settling on this one, and if so what were they?

Guy – Thanks for the compliment! “A unique flavor” – that’s a really nice description of the music and the vibe. Yes, lol, we each brought in six names and out of the twenty-four names in total, Rone’s won: Baba Jenkins. It was unique, it was cool sounding, and he just hit it. Also, importantly, it did not come up on a Google search as a band, so that solidified it for marketing purposes as well. I would love to tell you some of the other names; we didn’t keep a record of them all, but some were really funny especially the ones Ekko came up with!

Likewise, you famously met via an ad on BandMix. Did you try any different formations of the band before settling on the current line-up, or was it completely serendipitous that you gelled so well together?

Ekko – Guy was looking for musicians to write and record with for music publishing and perhaps live performances. While looking for a drummer he stumbled across me on Bandmix and he and I clicked. There was no music or other musicians, so we got a bass player in to see watsup; he wasn’t bad at all but just didn’t really gel, so he faded away. A few months went by and Guy hit me up again; Rone and Skooter came into the mix and yes, it was an instant fit. For me as a drummer, I couldn’t be more stoked to play with such a sick bassist like Skooter, and Rone is an amazing songwriter, singer, and just a pleasure to perform with, so at that first meeting with the four of us, we all found our new place, and the rest is history. Then there was, the rooster…(inside joke).

Outside of Bobo Jenkins, what other artist/s inspire you, and are a must-have on your playlist?

Skooter – Our band has a few styles that inspired our sound. Besides the blues, I would say rock is a major influence, and Led Zeppelin comes to mind as one of our musical inspirations. We also have an eclectic R&B/soul sound in our music which is why we incorporated a horn section on a few of our recordings, and you can’t mention horns and R&B without thinking about the mighty Earth, Wind and Fire, who is a major influence in our music. We’ve been told our funky side is kind of like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, so if you put all of those styles together, I guess you would get Baba Jenkins.

Which other musician/s, living or dead, would you most like to perform with, and what tunes would you jam on with them?

Rone – I’d like to perform “Voodoo Child” with Jimi Hendrix and “Mannish Boy” with Muddy Waters. These two artists are very inspirational to me and gave me a whole new perspective on music.

What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, and what is the answer to that question?

Guy – The Question: “How high do want to go”? Answer – As far as the eye can see.

Watch the music video for ‘Touro de Lide’ below, and find out more about Baba Jenkins and their music online on their official websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Baba Jenkins - Touro de Lide (Official Music Video)

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