Baba Jenkins Tell Us Not Be Messing With ‘Touro de Lide’ In Latest Rock And Roll Single And Video

The Touro de Lide is what English speakers know as the Spanish Fighting Bull. They’ve been bred to be the biggest, baddest, and meanest of all bovines, and every matador knows not to mess with them – they’ll charge towards you and gore you before you even realise. With their new single of the same name, Baba Jenkins let us know not to underestimate the bull. Taken from their debut album, ‘Copper’, ‘Touro de Lide’ sees the band sing of the perils of living life on the edge.

The narrator of ‘Toure de Lide’ is desperate to escape the poverty spiral, and provide for his family – by any means needed. He’s confident, with the swagger of a man who’s born to fight, as he tells us, “I’m living on the wire but I talk a real good game” – however he knows he’s going to have to use more than just confidence. Somehow.

‘Touro de Lide’ isn’t really just fiction. In a way it tells the story of Baba Jenkins themselves, who despite their meteoric rise over the past year, including a million plus views on their YouTube videos alone – have had to fight for it, every inch of the way. They’ve made it look easy, but the struggle has been real for the Los Angeles band.

The music video for ‘Touro de Lide’ sees lead singer Rone Worthen taking on both roles of the bull and the bullfighter. He’s late with his rent payments, and he’s being hounded by the authorities, but he’s feeling rebellious, fighting against it all. He’s got a target on his back, and a bounty to be free. Will he live to see the results of his struggle though?

The band are fast and furious, pounding riffs and enormous beats, driving the feelings of urgency and a wild rage throughout the song. There’s a tangible hope to be felt in the song as well; altogether it’s a stunningly put together piece of music.

The video ends the same as it starts. Worthen is laying on the floor, with his glasses skew-wiff on his face, and everything a blur. But prior to that he’s been charging around like a bull in a pen; the small practice space not enough to contain his energy, and his determination to make it all right.

Watch the music video for ‘Touro de Lide’ below, and find out more about Baba Jenkins and their music online on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Baba Jenkins - Touro de Lide (Official Music Video)

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