Kaleigh – ‘Fading’

Kaleigh lives, breathes, and sleeps music, acting, and writing, and started out at the age of three on her parents’ coffee table, singing ‘Part Of Your World’, from The Little Mermaid, and ‘Stronger’, by Britney Spears.

From there she went on to perform at Carnegie Hall and Disneyland, with her middle school choir – following it up with TV roles. Kaleigh has starred with Minnie Driver on ABC’s hit show, ‘Speechless’, where she played Sasha, and also with Kristen Bell on NBC’s ‘The Good Place’, in the role of Jessica. Additionally, Kaleigh has co-starred on Nickelodeon’s ‘The Thundermans’. Clearly her star is rising, and the young artist has a lot more stories to tell through her lyrics and acting.

With her new alt-pop single, ‘Fading’, Kaleigh doesn’t hold back, with the edgy lyrics complementing the fluid melodies and strong tones. The track bears a powerful message: cherish those you love, and don’t forget to tell them. Kaleigh says:

“Each day people get lost in the aggravation and turmoil of life and forget to cherish the people in their lives that love and support them most of all….[I] wrote this song as a reminder to people to stop and think about what kind of effect neglect or lack of emotional expression can have on a person you claim to love.”

The video for ‘Fading’ features Matt Cornett (also from ‘Speechless’, as well as Nickelodeon’s ‘Bella And The Bulldogs’) as Kaleigh’s love interest. As she’s looking out the window, she remembers happier times from the past, such as playing board games, and how the pair have grown apart and become more distant.We see flashes between the present and the past, and we ask, will they manage to reconnect?

An uptempo track with electronic instrumentation, ‘Fading’ is a brilliant showcase for Kaleigh’s strong voice. You can stream ‘Fading’ on Spotify, and download from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Follow Kaleigh on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and her official website.

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