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How To Safely Develop Your Vocal Range

Singing is serious business, and considering that the UK’s music industry was worth £5.2 billion only last year, there is no doubt about its vibrancy.

All Star Cast For ‘Playmobil The Movie’ Makes This A Must See For All Ages

If you think the Playmobil Movie, in UK and Irish cinemas this Friday, August 9, is just for kids, then think again. With an all-star cast that includes Adam Lambert, Daniel Radcliffe, and Meghan Trainor, there’s something for everyone.

Elena Andujar – ‘Flamenco in Time’

The new release, ‘Flamenco In Time’, from Elena Andujar, calls to attention the endangered musical style of Flamenco.

Kaleigh – ‘Fading’

Kaleigh lives, breathes, and sleeps music, acting, and writing, and started out at the age of three on her parents’ coffee table, singing ‘Part Of Your World’, from The Little Mermaid, and ‘Stronger’, by Britney Spears.

Six Quick Questions With Carolyn Miller

Back in July we introduced you to Carolyn Miller, and the video for her mashup of Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ and Justin Bieber’s, ‘What Do You Mean’. New Yorker Carolyn collaborated with Mikel James for the song, and we were so impressed we had to find out more. Here’s six quick questions with Carolyn.

XF 80s Night: Could It Get Any Worse?

Yes, it’s week 2 and it was 80s night. When I heard this, I thought – Oh no they’re going to ruin all my…