Sonarpilot Returns With ‘Gorgon’, The Latest Installation From ‘The Mirage Project Season 2’

Sonarpilot returns with the trippy ‘Gorgon’, the next installment of ‘The Mirage Project, Season 2’.

‘Gorgon’ is as trippy (in a Tubular Bells way) as the previous releases from the latest Mirage Project. When we spoke with Michael Moppert, the man behind Sonarpilot, back in November last year, he explained that he means for his music – which he calls Mirages – to be soundtracks; they can be listened to independently of the fractal videos constructed by Roger Mäder. To our way of thinking, they are meditative, and the videos serve as an aid to the process. Having said that, they are a movie in themselves, and indeed, the Mirages are the soundtrack to that.

Moppert has been joined by London-based DJ Jonny Miller, who helped expand the new season of the Mirage project and took it even further beyond the deepest reaches of the galaxies of the human imagination. ‘Gorgon’ transcends humanity; it is a labyrinthian bio-mechanical machine and the track is a commentary about the promises, challenges, and above all, frightening power and fragile existence of AI.

Opening on apparent DNA-like strands of metal scaffolding, a fog separates to reveal a bio-mechanical organism, steadily unravelling, seemingly endlessly. Sun-like orbs emerge, causing us to question the sentience of the mechanical beast. Could it somehow be coming to life?

Speaking of the new release, Sonarpilot says:

“‘Gorgon’ is a meditation about the explosive pervasion of our society with AI, about the fascination and fear, about the uncontrollable complexity of these systems and the sparks of synthetic life that we will soon see in these machines.”

He continues:

“It is hard to fathom the essence of a truly independent alien intelligence that will emerge from a mechanical structure. To illustrate this enigma, we have pushed the visual envelope of this Mirage very far. This journey is a machine on a psychedelic trip.”

Watch the video for ‘Gorgon’ below and find out more about Sonarpilot and their Mirages online on their official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

"Gorgon" by Sonarpilot [Fractal video with music]

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