‘Insidia’ Is The Latest Release From Skycabin And It Comes With A Stunning Music Video

Released January 20, ‘Insidia’ is the latest track from Californian duo, Skycabin. The track is the follow up to ‘Pyro’, released late last year.

Comprising Farbod and Sepand, Skycabin came about in 2020, and in that short time they’ve garnered more than 300K streams on Spotify alone, across 5 singles. Additionally the music video for their track, ‘Nerve’, almost exactly a year ago, was given a theatrical release, and was premiered at both the LA Shorts Film Festival and the Portland Film Festival.

All the above should give you some idea of what to expect from ‘Insidia’, but oh no, it’s so much more.

‘Insidia’ is one of those sorts of clips that reveals more each time you watch it. It feels insulting to call it a clip; it’s a self contained short film. The focus is on a horned man – he’s perhaps a faun even, its hard to tell, his legs look to be covered in fur – standing in the centre of the screen. He’s surrounded by a glorious array of nature; butterflies and other insects, birds, small mammals…as well as flowers, trees, and a nearly anthropomorphic mist that curls up around his legs, while never managing to obscure him. It’s imaginative and compelling and feels like something from either your sweetest dreams or your darkest nightmares.

All the while this is going on, the vocals gently ebb and flow, soothing yet slightly unnerving; simple yet complex. They’re supported by an electronic instrumental, which has its own sinister, unearthly elements. All in all, it’s downright gorgeous.

Watch the music video for ‘Insidia’ below. You can stream it here. Find out more about Skycabin and their music online on their official website, Instagram, and Spotify.

Skycabin - Insidia

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