EZ Longway – ‘Thug In The Room’

If you’re a young rapper, then there’s nothing better than support from an influential deejay. And there’s not many bigger than the legendary Bigga Rankin – and if he likes your record, then you know you’re onto something good. If he gives you praise in a public forum, you’re making waves; if he jumps on the track and appears in your video – then you know he’s identified you as the next big thing and he’s decided he wants in on the journey.

‘Thug In The Room’ gives credit to EZ Longway, and he’s the main voice on the track: his charismatic delivery is on the chorus and his deft rhymes on the first two verses. But he’s sharing the spotlight with labelmate HBK JohnDoe, who amplifies the song’s intensity with a powerful verse of his own. Produced by Dummy Beatz, the two DFE rappers have been matched with a trap beat that thumps and shakes in all the right places; it’s underpinned by sinister jazz chords, there’s a menacing piano bass, and the hi-hat ticks like a stopwatch.

The music video, directed by Reginald Miller, is both vibrant and entertaining, and opens inside an opulent mansion. At the head of a long dining room table we see Bigga Rankin holding court, while EZ Longway and HBK John Doe are the guests of honour. They receive their host’s blessing and take in his words of advice and encouragement, and are served the specialty of the house: what else – dollar bills. Outside on the streets, things aren’t quite as friendly. In one breathless sequence, the two rappers rhyme in an alley strung with police tape. Just like the city, hip-hop is tough to navigate. But these guys are ready for it. They’ve got their wits about them – and they’ve got friends in high places.

Watch the music video for ‘Thug In The Room’ below and find out more about EZ Longway online on his Instagram.

Dont Fold Ent, EZ Longway | "Thug In The Room (feat. Bigga Rankin, HBK JohnDoe) | [Official Video]

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