Pat Boone And Crystal Gayle Release Music Video For ‘You And I’

The 1982 chart-topping hit ‘You And I’ by Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle is getting a fresh coat of paint from not only Gayle herself, but famed Nashville singer Pat Boone as well. Serving as a tribute to Boone’s late wife, Shirley, who passed away in 2019, Boone’s spin on the legendary song is just one of twenty-five tracks featured on his epic upcoming album release, titled ‘Country Jubilee’, which releases September 8th.

Boone’s eighty-nine years of life have seen ups and downs all throughout, but one of the most important things in his life was his marriage to Shirley Foley. Through their nearly seven-decade long marriage, the couple had their fair share of quarrels, and nearly divorced in the 1960s due to Boone’s bad habits, but eventually made up, and lived a happy life together until Shirley’s tragic death in 2019 from vasculitis. In this new cover of ‘You And I’, Boone briefly reminisces on their times together, in a brilliant tribute to his late wife, alongside legendary singer Crystal Gayle.

Keeping the same style of sound from the 80s intact while giving the song a 20s touch, Boone and Gayle give one of the most iconic country pop songs of the decade a fresh coat of paint, bringing it back to life. Accompanied by a music video showing moments from Boone and Shirley’s lives together, ‘You And I’ is a brilliant tribute to perhaps the best woman in Boone’s life, and shows just the kind of love that couples should have for each other.

Watch the music video for ‘You And I’ here.

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