Tusks – ‘Peachy Keen’ Official Video

Also known as Emily Underhill, Tusks has made a real statement with her brand new single ‘Peachy Keen’. An artist and producer associated with One Little Indian Records, she has been making expansive sounds since 2014, breaking through with a sublime cover of Disclosure and Sam Smith’s iconic, ‘Latch’ that quickly racked up plays.

Since she came on to the scene, artists like Submotion Orchestra and Throwing Snow have remixed her ambient sounds, and Tusks continues to turn heads.

‘Peachy Keen’ is the first single to come from her second album ‘Avalanche,’ due out on June 14th. It also neatly ties in with the announcement of a headline show at London’s Village Underground on November 26th.

The track itself, whilst dreamy and explorative with its Icelandic inspired melodies, has a serious message to convey. Its lyrics are written about the appalling crime of up-skirting, and the stunning natural scenery of Iceland featured in the accompanying official video create a natural juxtaposition to make them hit home. We love the dramatic, rich use of Tusks’ vocals in this track, and layered over the top is a warm undercurrent of bass and lingering melodies.

She says:

“Peachy Keen started as a sarcastic response to the MP Christopher Chope when he blocked the recent up-skirting bill in parliament, but it quickly evolved into a song documenting the inherent sexism and patriarchy, which I and so many other people experience on a daily basis.”

In regards to her Iceland-focused video, Tusks adds:

“[Iceland] is one of the most forward thinking countries when it comes to gender equality and a lot of the shots were taken during a trip where I was teaching at a girls’ music camp in Reykjavik last June, promoting confidence in women and encouraging them in music.”

Stream and download ‘Peachy Keen’ here. You can pre-order Tusks’ forthcoming album, ‘Avalanche’, here. Find Tusks online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See here for tickets and further information about Tusks’ upcoming live performances.

Tusks - Peachy Keen (Official Lyric Video)

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