The Essential Advent Calendar: December 22

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 22 – ROWSIE Treat Christmas With Realism In New Seasonal Single, ‘Christmas In Soho’

Door Number 22 opens on UK band ROWSIE with their new single, ‘Christmas In Soho’. The band combines elements of punk rock, indie and Americana they write songs about political issues and personal issues all with the same intensity and fire, so understandably their festive track tells a story of love, loss and goat-head rings during the Christmas season, with the band delivering a solid rock’n’roll track to drive it all home.

Released on 21 November, ‘Christmas In Soho’ is a song that treats the season with the realism it so seldom elicits. The band reminds us of the loss and heartbreak that often comes with the holidays, with none of that forced comfort and joy mentality.

‘Christmas in Soho’ follows on from the high-octane ‘Gaslight’, which found success with airplay on many UK radio stations.

Speaking of the track, ROWSIE frontman Richard Rothenberg says,

“This is a song that takes place at Christmas, not strictly a Christmas song. It’s a story about how love and communication can breakdown. How we can be the last to know that it ain’t working… even when all the outside looks so romantic, so perfectly beautiful.”

ROWSIE’s live shows have been igniting audiences with the fire and passion in which they are delivered. Recorded in a studio on London’s Kings Road in 2021,ROWSIE have now released two singles and the one EP on their own Ivy RecRods label supported by live shows around the UK and in May 2022, travelling to Mexico City. Their next collection of songs have been recorded in the world famous RAK studios with engineer Isabel Gracefield with the first album released in September through Ivy RecRods. In 2023 the band will be playing shows in the UK, Europe and USA, as well as a return to Mexico.

Watch the video for ‘Christmas In Soho’ below and find out more about ROWSIE online on their official website.

Christmas in Soho

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