Jungle Music: The Latest Single And Video From Jane N’ The Jungle, ‘Raw As A Jewel’ Will Have You Rocking

Jane N’ The Jungle have incredibly been on our radar since 2017 and since that time we’ve seen them go from strength to strength. led by powerful vocalist Jordan White, the group from Arizona are as hard rocking as they come, and their new single, ‘Raw As A Jewel’, their debut release on their new label, Cleopatra Records, and the video that comes with it, is just about their best yet.

Focused and ferocious, ‘Raw As A Jewel’ fits together as perfectly as the pieces in a completed puzzle. The distorted six-string, the bass that growls and snarls, the snare drum like an almighty thunderbolt, and above all, White’s vocals, passionate, urgent, and relentless. The song sees her seize control of her destiny and declare full body autonomy, while her band backs her up to the hilt.

The music video for ‘Raw As A Jewel’ is manic high energy, with the group almost blurred out of recognition behind Jordan, as she takes the soundstage as her own territory, confronting the camera with a mixture of vulnerability and charisma buoyed up by immense swagger. The frames of the clip are distorted digitally, with washes of colour interspersed with lightning accelerations, screens within screens, shadows and reflections dancing and twisting. All comes together in what will certainly please Jane N’ The Jungle’s existing fans, and win them plenty more new ones.

Watch the video for ‘Raw As A Jewel’ below, and follow Jane N’ The Jungle online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Jane N' The Jungle - Raw As A Jewel (Official Music Video)

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