Australian Pop-Fusion Collective President Street On Their Upcoming Single ‘I Found Me’

Polly Havelock spoke to Australian-based band President Street on working with renowned mixer Ash Howes and the upcoming release of new single ‘I Found Me’ on September 20th.

Hi guys! President Street are currently gearing up to releasing new material. What does it feel like to be embarking on this new chapter in the career of President Street?

Hey! It feels really amazing. The support that we’re getting out of the UK is just brilliant and we are so grateful and we’re just feeling so excited.

Your upcoming single ‘I Found Me’ is set to be released on September 20th. Could you give people a taste of what the track entails?

The track is an up-tempo song about finding that person that really makes you feel whole and opens you up to yourself to help you become the best version of you. We did try to take the song on a journey of starting out lost, then gaining flashes of exposure to your love before moving into the joy of that love and finding yourself.

Instrumentally, the song incorporates some serious laidback eclectic guitar riffs into its soundscape, giving the track a real upbeat pop fusion feel. Is this a style of sound President Street hope to continue through into future releases?

Yeah, we definitely want our music to not be cookie-cutter and to have its own unique voice and we’re always challenging ourselves to find that uniqueness.

We do put a lot of focus into identifying the emotion of the song in question and then finding the music to bring out that emotion. For “I Found Me” we were keen for the energy of the song to match the feeling of euphoria that finding that one true love can bring.

Lyrically, ‘I Found Me’ finds itself discussing the notion of finding a significant other who gives you the strength and motivation to be the best version of yourself, especially in the honeymoon type days of a blossoming relationship. With these themes being so relatable to so many, where did this inspiration come from when approaching the songwriting process of the song?

From our own life experiences really. We’ve all had those relationships that are ok but then when you do find that person that really gives you the strength to become the best version of yourself, that rush is overwhelming.

The track was mixed by the highly talented Ash Howes who has applied his Midas touch to ‘I Found Me’. How do you know Ash in order for this collaboration to come about?

We were introduced to Ash after our UK tour earlier this year. He had a listen to our stuff and “I Found Me” and really dug it and we were so stoked because of course he’s just such an amazing talent. Then when we had a chat with him and found out what an incredibly great guy he is we were even more excited!

2019 has been such a busy year for President Street. From having already released a string of singles to taking to the road with an unplugged national UK tour. For you, what has been the highlight of this year so far?

The UK tour was really amazing of course. It was our first time to visit the UK and we met some really great people and saw a bunch of great towns that we would never have seen if not for the tour. The collaboration with Ash has been super exciting for us. In today’s music industry it’s difficult to find a measure of success as an independent artist and so we measure our true success by the people who are joining the President Street family.

Now back in your homeland of Australia, you guys have been immersed in the studio, writing, recording and producing new music. When can everyone expect to hear this material be released? Do you have a rough timeline at all?

“I Found Me” will be coming out on September 20th and we have a string of other songs ready to go next year so keep in touch via socials and our website.

Other than the highly anticipated release of ‘I Found Me’ forthcoming, is there anything else in the pipeline for President Street?

Keep your eyes open for some UK dates at the end of the year 🙂

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