Kit Vale Has A Very Different Sort Of ‘Pet’ In New Single

Kit Vale rocks hard in a photography studio in the smouldering clip for ‘Pet’. Using old fashioned cameras, she shows her male model that she’s the one in charge.

While camera phones are very convenient, and allow us to be in the minute, taking photos of everything we see, there’s a certain romance in using vintage cameras. Not only do they have some weight to them, allowing the photographer to really feel a part of the process, but they command an authority and respect that doesn’t come with a smartphone.

Singer and songwriter Jen Simpson – the human behind the project Kit Vale, knows that cameras are pretty sexy too, and in ‘Pet’ we see her focusing her attentions – and her camera – on a man she quite obviously desires. But despite this, she’s got her finger on the button, she’s fully in control of the situation.

Jen Simpson is a hard rocking music veteran, having led Toronto quartet Neon Bloom, as well as touring with Machetes, and The Never Evers, the latter of whom accompany her on this single. She is nothing if not fearless, and this is reflected in her powerful voice, while her music is an eclectic yet vibrant mix of blues-rock, radio pop, grunge, film soundtrack music, hip-hop and trip-hop, post-punk, and electronica.

‘Pet’ is the follow on single to her solo debut, ‘It’s Our Time’, and carries with it an air of urgency, as well as seduction. Distorted guitars and a strong drumbeat are the sea on which her striking vocals float; she uses her voice to communicate longing and desire – while being slightly menacing.

At the start she has a vintage Kodak Duraflex II mounted on a tripod, providing a safe space between herself and her subject, model Alex Ryfka. Ryfka knows he’s safe, and he acts like it too. Not much later however she is wearing a Minolta around her neck and is draping her arms around Ryfka. The safe zone has been compromised, allowing Kit Vale to do what she wants.

Watch the video for ‘Pet’ below, and follow Kit Vale online on her official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kit Vale  - Pet Feat. The Never Evers (Official Music Video)

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