Over the past year, folk singer/songwriter Ziggy Alberts worked on creating a time capsule reflecting his experiences in a collection of ten tracks. Packaged as his sixth studio album, ‘DANCING IN THE DARK,’ Alberts hopes to uplift and encourage others to look towards the light even when darkness is creeping in.

Hailing from down under, Ziggy Alberts releases what sounds like a warm hug with his soft vocals as a safety blanket. The entirety of ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’ was written and recorded in real-time, which explores a new level of vulnerability and honest songwriting. 

Ziggy Alberts talks more about the concept behind his new project: “I wanted to embark on an exploration of what I call ‘Future Folk’: time codes, antidotes to dissonance, new soundscapes & topics, tuned backing vocals and synth bass, all intertwined in a folk foundation.”

In preparation for the album release, Alberts shared a strong line of singles, including ‘TATTOOS,’ ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE,’ ‘THE SUN & THE SEA,’ ‘REWIND,’ and ‘CAMPFIRE.’ With the release of ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE,’ Alberts mobilised people across his social media channels to help raise funds for Australian flood relief. Behind the opening track ‘CAMPFIRE’ and the accompanying music video, Alberts shares memories from a wholesome camping trip that was in the works for many years. 

You can listen to the full project below:

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