MOMO Releases Gorgeous Single And Video, ‘Diz a Verdade’

Although it was originally released in 2019, ‘Diz a Verdade’, from MOMO, deserves a second – and third and fourth – glance. Now with his album, ‘I Was Told to Be Quiet’, set for release on vinyl on 28 October through Yellow Racket Records, we hope you’ll join us in giving us those glances.

MOMO, real name Marcelo Frota, has spent his life between Brazil, Angola, The USA, Spain, Portugal, and now the UK. Naturally this world-citizen lifestyle has had an influence on his music, no less so than on ‘Diz a Verdade’. With the opening sounding like a record that’s been left playing after the music has stopped, the breezy Spanish guitar rhythms soon begin, with more than a touch of bossa nova and samba. MOMO starts singing not long after, his vocals mellifluous and echoing.

Warm and yet gentle, ‘Diz a Verdade’ transports us back to those long hot summer days, and the accompanying music video, with its bright colours and hazy skies certainly adds to this feeling.

Set in a rooftop garden, MOMO is joined by a “mini me”, who amuses himself in the garden, feeding his teddy bears with popcorn, watering the plants, dancing to the music, playing with his toys, and from time to time, mimicking the adult MOMO. The child is characterised by a mop of black curly hair, with a streak of white. MOMO’s hair takes on this white streak as well, posing question as to the child’s identity – are they MOMO as a child, or are they rather, symbolic of the child within?

Watch the video for ‘Diz a Verdade’ below, and bring back the warmth of the summer months, if only temporarily. You can find out more about MOMO and his music online on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and his official website.

MOMO. - Diz a Verdade

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