Gbeke Tells Us Her ‘Top Priority’ With Brand New R&B Release

Gbeke might be an up-and-coming R&B/Afrobeat star, but she’s spent years devoting herself to the process of creative writing; she’s always written poetry, songs, or journaled, putting her thoughts down on paper, and channelling her emotions into positives, making art from experience.

Gbeke has been performing since her childhood, starting in the fourth grade, and while she’s of Nigerian descent, and this is evident in her sound, her Arizona upbringing is clearly there as well. Gbeke has been releasing singles and EPs since 2017, and in 2021 she was given the opportunity to perform at the Made In America music festival, which, in previous years, has provided a platform for the likes of Roddy Rich and Megan Thee Stallion. Now we are pleased to introduce Gbeke to new fans, as well as her existing fanbase, with her new single, ‘Top Priority’. The track serves as an uplifting anthem of self-love, and we hope you’ll agree that it’s one that will be relatable on a number of levels.

‘Top Priority’ was written after Gbeke discovered her boyfriend had cheated on her with his ex. It was the day before Valentine’s Day, and to compound things further, it was only two days after her birthday. Rather than write it in a rage, she instead took a long time with it, taking months to process fully what had actually occurred, to summon the confidence to value herself more, and to find the right words to effectively capture her feelings. In the first verse, Gbeke says she’s a work in progress, yet at the same time she is a masterpiece; an example of self-confidence we can all learn from. The song is laid on a gorgeous Afrobeat backing, while the R&B sound serves to soothe the listener. All in all, the motivational message of ‘Top Priority’ moves us physically and even spiritually, ensuring we learn our self-worth, and treat ourselves as top priority, above all else.

The music video for ‘Top Priority’ tells Gbeke’s story in a way that encourages anyone who can relate to her experiences. It focuses on Gbeke herself, and
Visually, the “Top Priority” music video makes it clear that Gbeke’s music does more than just create a story. It tells her story in a way that connects with and encourages others who can relate to her complex emotions and life occurrences. We see her at the table, writing down all her thoughts, then she sings in front of the mirror, knowing her worth, knowing she’s a queen. It’s a message we can all take on board.

Check out Gbeke online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Find all her music videos and links on Linktree. You can watch the video for ‘Top Priority’ below – let us know in the comments what you think!

Gbeke - Top Priority (Official Music Video)

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