In biGDream’s New Psychedelic Pop song, ‘Everybody’s High’ On Life!

Despite coming out of lockdown, things are still not back to normal. Covid-19 is still very much a thing, and so life doesn’t yet feel the way it used to. There’s also the looming cost of living crisis, which has come about as a result of the combination of 2 years of pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been raging all year, and the international fall out from that, meaning that we’re looking at a very cold winter with low fuel availability for heating our homes. Consequently, if your summer wasn’t all you’d hoped for, and you’re still feeling a little low, you can be forgiven.

We have something that might cheer you up slightly! Godfrey Diamond, the longtime producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, feels the time has come for a bit of fun and joy and celebration. His new single, ‘Everybody’s High’, the first from his latest project, biGDream, serves to take us to a place where we can have a good time – if only for 3 minutes or so.

Gorgeous vocals, added to multi-layered guitar and synths, are augmented by a glorious old-school sax solo, and the radiant pop-rock track glistens from start to finish – from the very first piano tinkle to the very last downbeat on the drums. ‘Everybody’s High’ serves to highlight Diamond’s optimism, and his compassion, which goes out to the human race, currently struggling to make its way out of the darkness.

Godfrey Diamond is of course the perfect man to lead the way; his five decade music career has seen him pursue positive vibes all the way – encouraging the listener to put their worries aside for a while. Godfrey, along with his brother Gregg, produced the classic disco track, ‘More, More, More’, released by Andrea True Connection, way back in 1976, and since that time he’s worked with the likes of Billy Squier, and Aerosmith. He even produced Lou Reed’s ‘Coney Island Baby’, Reeds most playful album post The Velvet Underground.

For his own release, biGDream brings together some of the amazing artists who Godfrey has worked with over the years. The signature guitar riffs of Billy Ryan, of The Bogmen, give ‘Everybody’s High’ its trippy feel, while Mars Williams, who has played sax with the likes of Billy Idol, Psychedelic Furs, and Waitresses, takes to his solo like he’s been born to play that one piece. Meanwhile, Robbie “Seahag” Mangano (Sean Lennon and the Grandmothers Of Invention) provides exceptional bass, while Joe Russo, of JRAD (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), rounds out the rhythm section on drums. All these incredible artists are just a foretaste of who Godfrey Diamond has lined up to join him in future songs.

The music video for ‘Everybody’s High’, directed by Godfrey himself, opens with a spinning record, deliciously adorned with a sticker on a spinning reckord

The clip for “Everybody’s High,” which Godfrey Diamond directed himself, begins with an animated image of a spinning record. The sticker in the middle of the disc is printed in gloriously candy-striped pink, blue, and yellow. We know therefore what to expect right from the start, and from that point we see images of people chasing a natural high. Swimming in pools, riding a roller-coaster, throwing rose petals, and, even literally hanging from a fluffy white cloud. If this isn’t our future, then we can certainly have a biGDream about it.

You can watch the music video for ‘Everybody’s High’ below, and catch up with Godfrey Diamond and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Check out Godfrey’s Linktree for details about how to stream and download his music. Make sure you read our interview with Godfrey Diamond here.

biGDream - "Everybody's High" (Official Music Video)

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