Danielle Lewis Makes Her Bewitchingly Beautiful Debut

Welsh-born Danielle Lewis’ goal for her new EP ‘Live Forever’, which was released July 6th, was clear. She wanted to create music that was honest and authentic, and yet she didn’t want to be an artist who was afraid to explore and innovate. Welcome ‘Live Forever’, the EP that so perfectly achieves these ambitions.

The EP was on the same day as the eponymous track ‘Live Forever’. “Live Forever is achingly honest” remarks Cardiff based Danielle.

“I have put my whole life into this record exploring a deeper side to my song writing and using this process to try and discover more about myself”.

When listening to the track you can feel the raw emotion of the single, and this is a quality that only contributes to the Elysian nature of the single.

“I wanted to evolve and flirt with different styles and present a deeper depth vocally and lyrically” responded Danielle when asked about the origins of the track. The song ebbs along lackadaisically, accompanied by a strong synth presence artful reverb and yet there is no denying who the real star of the show is. Danielle’s vocals hauntingly float around as though free from the confines of vocal range and breath control, traversing phrases with a delicacy rarely found in singers who possess vocal power as strong as she does.

The EP is comprised of ‘Live Forever’ and six additional tracks. As a collection, the EP showcases the depth and control of Danielle’s vocals, and makes It clear that she is no one trick pony.

Having just released her EP, Danielle is already back creating new music, and if her debut was anything to go by, then she is set firmly on an upwards trajectory. Check out her socials to see what she gets up to next, and watch ‘Live Forever’ below!

Find Danielle Lewis online on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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