Baba Jenkins Goes ‘Wild’ With New Pop-Rock Single

Baba Jenkins have only been playing music together since last year – February 13 to be exact – but the four members of the band found an instant connection. The group completed and recorded 6 songs in the space of 2 months, with all the chemistry of a group who had been playing together for a lifetime.

Founded by guitarist Guy Keefer, using online musician classified site BandMix, Baba Jenkins soon had drummer Ekko Gaha, and singer Rone Worthen, the latter of whom brought with him bassist Kerwin “Skooter” Williams. The first half of the band’s name comes from the fact that all four members are fathers – “Baba” translates to Dad in a number of languages around the world. “Jenkins” meanwhile is in homage to 1950s blues artist, Bobo Jenkins. Their style however isn’t strictly blues; Baba Jenkins’ sound is a meld of rock, soul, country, and whatever other genres inspire them.

Following the writing of their first song, the true story ‘Slow Motion’, Baba Jenkins joined forces with “Sharing Love With Others”, a non-profit organisation that supports the homeless on Skid Row. A portion of all creative proceeds, from tickets to merchandise, is donated to the organisation, and this continues with the release of Baba Jenkins’ new single, ‘Wild’, as well as their forthcoming debut album, ‘Copper’, set for release on October 7.

‘Wild’ is an energetic rock song with a soulful heart. The basslines are immediate, working in conjunction with the drums, setting up a groovetastic rhythm section. Worthen’s vocals are rich and sumptuous, while the guitar, sax, and trumpet give the track plenty of support.

The lyrics of ‘Wild’ are passionate, and romantic, inspired by the relationship Worthen shares with his wife, and their love is made manifest through his vocals. This passion is continued in the video for ‘Wild’, directed by Katie Pyne. The clip follows a couple as they enter a rundown nightclub. The man has purchased the club with an idea for it in mind; his lady friend isn’t quite so positive, but as he shares his vision – which includes a performance of ‘Wild’ by Baba Jenkins on stage – she is brought around to his way of thinking.

The music video for ‘Wild’ starts out in black and white, and Baba Jenkins manage to transform the desolate club with their music, bringing colour to the room, and allowing the couple to truly let loose. Listeners will equally feel the urge to let their inhibitions go; Baba Jenkins’ energy is infectious and all consuming.

Watch the video for ‘Wild’ below and let us know what you think! You can catch up with Baba Jenkins and their music online on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Baba Jenkins - Wild (Official Music Video)

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