Ricci Bamboo Inspires Men To Stand Up And Be Counted With New Rap Single, ‘Papa’

Just like the plant for which he is named, Ricci Bamboo is pervasive, tenacious, and has the experience and versatility to flourish. New rap single, ‘Papa’, serves as a showcase for this artist who is well and truly the product of his Toronto roots, Miami upbringing, and West Indian background.

While Ricci’s peers learned their rap from listening to southern hip-hop, his is the real deal, having grown up in a rough environment, which gave him the incentive to be bold, confident, and above all, authentic. Speaking about his sound, Ricci Bamboo says,

“Music has always been used as a form of entertainment and an influence. Regardless of what your message is, you’re influencing people. Their moods, their belief systems… you’re influencing something in their life.”

In short, Ricci Bamboo has made it his mission to make music that he’s proud of, that will outlive him, and that will touch the hearts and minds of generations to come. He has spoken with many young people, whose musical taste is based on that of the past, because they don’t feel the same connection with today’s songs, that fail to provide them with something to hold onto. Bamboo has taken it on himself to give the young folk a message they can trust, and ‘Papa’ takes a good look at the role of strength that fathers must play within the structure of their families; and the reality that many grow up in homes where there is no father present. In this way, ‘Papa’ serves not just as a reminder to listeners of the importance of a father figure, but also a clarion call for men to recognise their own responsibilities.

The music video for ‘Papa’ opens with male dancers, bedaubed with paint spelling out the words, “intelligent”, “powerful”, and “brave”. We’ve so often seen videos of female empowerment along these lines, so it’s quite a breath of fresh air to see similar being done for males. Bamboo is very familiar with having to break through the barriers as a male in a minority community. He says,

“It’s hard to find resources; there are hidden walls left, right, and centre.”

Bamboo inspires men to find their purpose, believe in themselves, and be strong and self-confident, while also being better mentors, fathers, brothers, and above all, better humans. The dancers raise their hands to the sky, in a sign to uplift future generations. So much more than just a music video, ‘Papa’ has the feel of a short film, and shows the bond between father and son, and does much to raise the notion that there is hope for men in this world.

Watch the video for ‘Papa’ below and follow Ricci Bamboo online on Instagram.

Ricci Bamboo - Papa ft. David Meli (Official Visualizer)

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