Shania Twain – ‘Life’s About To Get Good’

International super star Shania Twain is back! The music world rejoiced when BBC Radio 2 premiered her new single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ in a world exclusive. The track is classic Shania Twain with a modern-day twist. It’s pure pop/country at its best.

Shania is a five-time GRAMMY Award-winner and the reigning Queen of Country Pop. With more than 75 million albums sold worldwide and U.S. sales topping 34.5 million, Shania remains the top-selling female country artist of all time.

Shania Twain is set to release her brand new album ‘NOW’ on September 29th on Virgin/EMI. She confidently embraces the moment on her triumphant fifth full-length album, her first since 2002.

‘NOW’, offered as both a 12-track standard and a 16-track deluxe, is available for preorder and includes an instant download of the album’s lead single, “Life’s About to Get Good.”

The message of the song is all about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The Canadian songtress opens with the line, ”I wasn’t just broken I was shattered“.  But as the song develops, Shania gets more optimistic and the lyrics get happier.

The song has a thumping beat, like a four-on-the-floor beat. As well as a strong piano part. The harmonies are stacked together, along with many different chords.

“Life’s about joy, life’s about pain,” she sings at one point, acknowledging the good and bad, sweet and sour of living.

The song is super catchy, and very feel-good, with a chorus that will get stuck in your head on a loop from the first listen. The track proves to the world that she still has it, and her vocals are sounding stronger than ever.

‘Life’s About To Get Good’ also shows that Twain can easily write impeccable country/pop hits without the help of her former husband and producer Robert Lange.

We think the song is another absolute classic and one that will take over the airwaves when it hits the radio this June and will no doubt become the country hit of the summer.

Listen to ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ :

You can find Shania on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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