Dude Reppin Knowhere Has Put Everything On ‘Airplane Mode’ With His Latest Electronic Music Track

When you put your devices on airplane mode, suddenly you’re surrounded by peace – no pressure from social media, you’re able to lose yourself in your own thoughts, and you save your battery too! Being in an aeroplane has the same effect, you’re in the world but not of it, and (unless you’ve cheated and paid for wifi) nobody can contact you, or disturb your reverie. You can go missing for however long the trip takes.

Dude Reppin Knowhere understands that in-between state, and in his new single, ‘Airplane Mode’,  he’s taken that feeling and transformed it into a slow-paced track, with a vocal that’s been pitched so low it’s as if your heartbeat has slowed down as well. The Dude tells us he can’t be found, but at the same time, he’s on the move, he’s free to do what he likes and be who he wants.

The video for ‘Airplane Mode’ takes us on a trip to the southwest US, where we take in the sundrenched highways, the desert sand dunes, and the ghost gas stations. There’s the neon-draped Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 in New Mexico, the UFO-haunted streets of Lowell, Arizona, and the International Car Forest of the Last Church, a bizarre, “garden” of vehicles, half-buried, face first, in the sands of Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. These images are completely saturated in radiant colours, superimposed on top of each other. Most of the video footage was shot by Dude Reppin Knowhere, while he was assisted in the editing by his close friend, fellow artist KYNGATHAMONSTAS.

Watch the video for ‘Airplane Mode’ below, and find out more about Dude Reppin Knowhere and his music online on Facebook, and Instagram.


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