Reuben Brock Is Riding A ‘Black Horse Through Hell’ In His Latest Single. Check Out Our Interview With Him As Well!

You will recall that last month we speak to country artist Reuben Brock, about his music and his latest single, ‘Black Horse Through Hell’. But what of the song itself?

The track is to be found on Reuben Brock’s upcoming third full length album, ‘Damage’, which is set for release later this year. Lead track, ‘Nail and Hammer’, showed us the direction the rest of the record would take, while ‘Black Horse Through Hell’ is a powerful and emotional song, one to which many of us can really relate to.

Breakups are hardly ever sudden. The signs are usually there; despite us wanting to ignore them, or hope they’ll go away, we know. Often, at some point, everything has gone so wrong that taking a ride through hell would be preferable…on a black horse even…and it takes all our power to get out of there as soon as we can, and as fast as possible, before we endure even more damage. Reuben Brock knows this all too well. Speaking of the track, he said,

“I see my songs as moving pictures in my head, so the video part just seems natural.”

And indeed, the video is a glorious creation, with visuals matching the lyrics, and Reuben himself set against an animated hell-scape. The black horse is seen in Zoetrope form at the start, giving way to Reuben pictured in black and white against a succession of country backdrops, tinged blood red. Those who have read our interview will know to look out for the lizard in the clip, which serves as an “Easter egg” to find. A striking clip for a serious song, it’s great to know there’s still some fun to be had.

‘Black Horse Through Hell’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded on Spotify‎Apple MusicSoundCloud, and Bandcamp. Find out more about Reuben Brock online on his official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Watch the video for ‘Black Horse Through Hell’ below.

Reuben Brock - Black Horse Through Hell (Official Music Video)

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