It’s Not Quite Hope But It’s ‘HOPE I.S.H’, Which Isn’t Too Bad – The New Single From Angelo B, Featuring Zeus Rebel Waters Absolutely Slaps

St. Louis, Missouri native, Angelo B, takes his music to the next level with his new single, ‘HOPE I.S.H.’, which is taken from his upcoming album, ‘I.S.H.’, set for release on April 15.

Angelo B. sends a special delivery of love and devotion through all his R&B originals, and his new single, ‘HOPE I.S.H.’ is no different. What does set the new track apart from the rest is that it serves as his first big step in broadening his audience and spreading his spirituality, by way of relatable topics, and real-world experiences. Each song on ‘I.S.H.’ is titled with a theme, and the acronym, which stands for Inner Self Healing. While ‘FAITH I.S.H.’, ‘LOVE I.S.H.’ cover some of Angelo B.’s life experiences, as he grew up in foster care until he turned 21, other tracks, such as new single ‘HOPE I.S.H.’ give his listeners a look at what is yet to come. ‘I.S.H. gives Angelo B. the chance to give back as well, with proceeds from the album donated to the foster care system, as well as suicide prevention in schools.

‘HOPE I.S.H.’, featuring Zeus Rebel Waters, is such that it will touch and reach audiences, regardless of what barriers, backgrounds, musical preferences, and world events might otherwise stand in the way of them hearing his music.

Angelo B. wrote the uplifting words to ‘HOPE I.S.H.’ while he himself was experiencing a major crossroads in his life. He was feeling vulnerable, and reflected on how nothing should be taken for granted. He recaptured the faith he once had, and through so doing, found his way again. With an encouraging message, which should spread to audiences near and far, ‘HOPE I.S.H.’ reassurance that hope, time, and determination will get you through anything.

‘HOPE I.S.H.’ sees Angelo B.’s collaborate for the first time, with Zeus Rebel Waters’ edge and dynamic electric guitar playing providing a strong contrast to Angelo B.’s smooth, powerful vocals, and earnest lyrics. ‘HOPE I.S.H.’ is eminently repeatable, and should promote inner self-healing for all the artists’ listeners.

A husband, father, and friend, Angelo B. made sure he included his family and close members of his community in the video for ‘HOPE I.S.H.’. It opens with him giving his daughter a pep talk before her softball game, and in between shots of the teams playing, Angelo B. and Zeus Rebel Waters give a passionate, captivating performance from the very bottom of their hearts.

You can watch the video for ‘HOPE I.S.H.’ below, and find out more about Angelo B. and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Angelo B - HOPE I.S.H. Feat. Zeus Rebel Waters (Official Music Video)

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