Fancy Going ‘FaceTime’ With Devinn Le’Raay And Lakes The Voice? Check Out Their New Single!

Opening with “How you ladies doing? Can I help y’all?” Devinn Le’Raay establishes himself as a smooth operator in the video for his latest single, ‘Facetime’.

We see Le’Raay at the front desk at his own furniture shop, and and when a pair of young women arrive in search of something with memory foam, you quickly get the sense that it’s not going to take long before the lights drop low. It seems the “Facetime” they’re after is a very different, and more rewarding way to connect.

St Louis R&B singer Devin Le’Raay specializes in sultry ballads, that are full on sonic steam with their sweetly-sung salaciousness, and lascivious come-ons. A man who has a way with words, his most recent EPs, ‘No Breaks’, and ‘Stay Smooth’, are as much statements of intent as seductively smooth recordings. Devin makes music for the amorous, for those interested in cuffing up this cuffing season, so it’s hard to go past a more appropriate track than his latest single, ‘Facetime’, which sees him team up with fellow soul singer, Lakes The Voice.

Lakes handles the song’s first verse with a distinctive combination of warmth and excitement, setting the stage for Le’Raay’s own performance, which sizzles from the get go, not letting up until the very end. The two singers match their voices to a velvety pop-R&B production that’s as soft, plush, and comfortable as a… well, a mattress.

There’s plenty of mattresses in the ‘Facetime’ video; probably as many as could fit into a swanky hotel. And with the lights dimmed and the mood lighting on, it could just as easily double as a club…or maybe something more.

Lakes The Voice leads the way into the storeroom, taking the hand of one of the two young women, while the other finds her match in Devinn Le’Raay. The rest can be found out in the music video below. You can also check out more about Devinn Le’Raay and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also find out more about Lakes The Voice on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Devinn Le'Raay - FaceTime feat. Lakes the Voice (Official Video)

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