Dwight and Nicole Are Bringing The Vibes With Their New Single, ‘The Next Go-Round’

‘The Next Go-Round’, the new single from Dwight And Nicole, is the epitome of American roots rock at its most creative and unvarnished. On the one hand it’s a howl of pain, but on the other there’s plenty of joy and celebration in it, too. This New England trio are known for their searing songs, and ‘The Next Go-Round’ is no different. With Dwight Ritcher’s guitar and Nicole Nelson’s voice coming together like a single expression of the same longing, unrequited desire, and existential pain, it’s the purest blues track, but delivered with fistfuls of muscular rock, and sweet touches of gospel and soul.

‘The Next Go-Round’ was originally meant for a follow-up to their ‘Electric Lights’ debut EP, but the pandemic put the brakes on that for a while. Thankfully a record this good couldn’t stay hidden, and the 5 track EP it comes from is already getting some quality praise.

The star of the moving video for ‘The Next Go-Round’ is its director: Jim DanDee, who, along with Dwight and Nicole, shares a deep understanding of the meaning of the blues. The clip serves as an underscore to the song’s tough-minded themes, the pain that accompanies emotional distance and the difficulty of finding a sustainable partnership. For Jim DanDee’s character (and for the rest of us, too), it seems that time is simply moving too fast. He stops to give hugs at the end of a party, the footage speeds up, leaving nothing but vapor trails where his friends once were. Abandoned and suffering whiplash from the speed of events, and with nothing and no one around to break his fall, he slides into spectacularly destructive behavior.  

You can find out more about Dwight And Nicole and their music online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dwight + Nicole - The Next Go Round (Official Music Video)

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