Premiere: Allegra, ‘All About Us’

It is Allegra’s sugar sweet tones and her dynamic stage presence that make her such a force to be reckoned with. She is now poised to release her stunning breakout single ‘All About Us’ (produced by Scott Stoddard of the hitmaking Audiofreaks stable), accompanied by a sickeningly cool music video.

The bright and sunshine-filled musicality of the track is in contrast with the deep and meaningful sentiment of the lyrics, and the juxtaposition of these two worlds results in a fresh and emotionally-charged track. The song seems to be a proclamation of individuality and a celebration of following your heart, a message that we could all learn from.

‘All About Us’ was written by Allegra, a rarity for such a young artist, and this has allowed the track to have a real sincerity and a real honesty – you really believe the lyrics. It’s a track about two people overcoming adversity and understanding that they should be together whilst understanding that it won’t always be easy. It’s raw, and heartfelt, and real.

Check out Allegra’s brand new single below, and be one of the first to witness the captivating talent of this young artist and musician…

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