Alex Woodard – ‘Open Up’

Fans of Alex Woodard will be familiar with his music videos, the emotionally provocative animated clips which match up the artist’s direct pop-rock songs, and storytelling of a confessional nature. The clip for his latest release, ‘Open Up’, should therefore come as no surprise – although it does see Woodard at his very best.

Working with San Diego songwriter and animator, Savannah Philyaw, Woodard has created a poetic and graceful, alluring, and very beautiful video, with Philyaw’s illustrations matching Woodard’s melodies like they were always meant to be. In the watercolour like clip for ‘Open Up’, Alex Woodard is introduced as an explorer of sorts, fearlessly examining psychological barriers, as he takes a journey through his own unconscious mind in order to find himself.

Following on from his single, ‘Halfway‘, which also saw Woodard collaborate with Philyaw on the video, ‘Open Up’ feels like a continuation of the autobiographical story from that song; using the language of fantasy to address things that are very real, Woodard covers such relatable subjects as memory, loss, longing, and the quest for meaning.

Long term fans of Woodard will know ‘Open Up’, as it’s been an important part of his set for a while; it’s an upbeat rock song, and reliable crowd-pleaser, which stand out strong when performed live. Alex Woodard has sung it with his friend Jason Mraz, with whom he shares a similar outlook and sense of defiant optimism. The themes in ‘Open Up’, of resilience, trust, and the craving for connection, have become increasingly relevant, and it seems right to now release a video to accompany the song.

In addition to his music, Alex Woodard is an inspirational speaker and author, but all factors are so inextricably linked, and therefore come as expressions of the same desire to communicate. Savannah Philyaw uses authorship to serve as one of the themes in her video for ‘Open Up’, with the clip guiding us as though we were turning the pages of a picture book. There are other books to explore within the book; we see Woodard’s protagonist driving through the forest with a copy of “Loving Through Memory Loss: A Guide For Sons” on the passenger seat. Later, in a scene rich with emotion, a child dances with his mother on that same book. Drunk with joy, the boy twirls around, and the smiling parent fades to white.

Watch the stirringly beautiful video for ‘Open Up’ below. You can find out more about Alex Woodard and his music online on his official website

Alex Woodard - Open Up (Official Video)

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