Sweet Like Candy: Peppermint Heaven Release Eponymous New Album Today

Released through Megahit Records, ‘Peppermint Heaven’ is the much-awaited long player from the Los Angeles based duo of the same name.

Comprising 13 tracks in their trademark retro synth style, the album feels like the perfect summary of the past few years of Peppermint Heaven, and contains their two recent singles, ‘I Can Be Your Star’ and the decidedly unfestive, ‘Christmas Day’.

The album will be an exciting discovery for lovers of high class songwriting and production methods, especially as the Peppermint Heaven pair, Juno and Spark, are true fans themselves, and thus exceedingly talented exponents.

Although very much an album of today (the track, ‘Christmas Day’ looks to a post-Covid-19 time), there is something for everyone, with particular fans of the synth-based music of the 80s. Stand out tracks, besides the singles, include the Pet Shop Boys-esque, ‘It’s Alright’, ‘We Threw It All Away’ and the ballad. ‘2 Is Better Than 1′, the latter with an upbeat tempo that cries to be listened to through headphones, in order to properly unfurl the multi-layered instrumentals and vocal tracks.

‘Hard Luck Town’ is a slight departure for Peppermint Heaven, with a much rockier melody than the rest of the tracks. It’s no less magnificent however, and fans will still lap it up greedily.

The tinkling bells at the start of penultimate track  ‘Magical Day’ are a nice touch, while ‘Small’ is a fun song which allows as much focus to be set on the instrumentals as on the vocals and lyrics.

Speaking about the new album, Spark said,

“Again we reached for inspiration from the past music that inspired us. Raucous Rock and Roll….early soul…80s dance music. We wanted to entertain thoroughly through using these popular styles of music as a basis for songwriting in today’s world.”

Juno added,

“We feel this album is the purest expression of the Peppermint Heaven sound. The songs came quickly. Writing and producing this album was a magical experience for us.”

‘Peppermint Heaven’ is out now, and can be streamed and downloaded here. Follow Peppermint Heaven online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to find out more about the duo and their music.

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