Ringo Starr Announces Latest EP, ‘Rewind Forward’

Ringo Starr has announced details for his upcoming EP, ‘Rewind Forward’, set for release later this year. The new project is Starr’s fourth EP release in the last three years, and his first since ‘EP3’ in September 2022. The legendary artist worked with musicians such as long-time friend Paul McCartney and his own All Starr band to produce the new project, which releases October 13th on digital, cassette, CD and vinyl.

Although he is best known for his eight-year stint with the Beatles, which changed his career and the world forever, Richard Starkey, known better as Ringo Starr, has had an equally brilliant, if not better, solo career outside of the Beatles. With a solo discography spanning twenty albums and several dozen more singles, Starr lays claim to a career that almost no-one can match (apart from fellow Beatle McCartney, who also assisted in writing for ‘Rewind Forward’). Even after over six decades of recording music, inside and outside of the Beatles, Ringo is still going strong – something he demonstrates on ‘Rewind Forward’.

Featuring four new songs written by a variety of brilliant musicians, including Starr himself, these new tracks harken back to a better time when the Beatles ruled the world – especially ‘Feel The Sunlight’, a track produced by the only two living members of the group. Although it’s hard to say exactly what the project will sound like, looking back at ‘EP3’ and other projects suggests a new wave of brilliant rock music is bound to come in October, when Ringo and the All Starr Band will be ready to rock the world once more.

Pre-save the title track for ‘Rewind Forward’ here, and stay tuned for more updates on the All Starrs.

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