Julian Wa – ‘Bloom’

Julian Wa is from Queensland, Australia and makes very beautiful music, including the quite frankly gorgeous track, ‘Bloom’. B-side ‘Frankensteina’ is certainly worth a mention as well.

‘Bloom’ is taken from the self titled ‘Julian Wa’ EP, released in late 2017, and the track fully embodies the psychedelic flavour of the EP, with its gently lilting strings and percussion. The last third of the track introduces a more electronic element to the song, and the vocals, which had been feminine and ethereal prior to this, suddenly become a fleeting male voice, who sings for a copule of seconds before fading away into the mists. It’s a striking song which deserves a few listens through in one sitting. We challenge you to correctly anticipate the vocal changeover at about two minutes in however!

‘Frankensteina’ is a mere 1 minute and 37 seconds long, and it sort of feels a bit like an out-take rather than a release. It’s nonetheless striking, and like ‘Bloom’, there’s some surprising elements to the track. It’s fairly experimental in its swirlingness and meandering instrumentation, and we quite enjoyed it.

You can find out more about Julian Wa online on Twitter, while their music can be streamed and downloaded on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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