Josh Taerk Releases New Single ‘Anywhere Love Took Us’ From ‘Stages’ EP

‘Anywhere Love Took Us’ is the new single from Canadian singer-songwriter Josh Taerk’s spring EP ‘Stages’. On this new track, Josh has perfectly blended a summery Americana ballad about young love with Springteen-esque rock licks and solos – conjuring images of driving down the freeway with the roof down sitting next to a special someone.

Talking about the new single, Josh states that “it’s really easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world we’re living in. ‘Anywhere Love Took Us‘ is about making time for love, remembering where that love started and how that makes your love stronger.”

Stages’ was released this February and received critical praise from both Maverick Magazine and Get Ready To Rock, both giving the EP 4 stars in their reviews, and GTTR described it as an “EP chock full of memorable songs”. Josh wanted to “honor the artist I am now and show the progression, my experiences and growth from ‘Here’s To Change’,” his previous album. “That’s how I see all these songs, they’re snapshots of the person I was at the time I wrote them, and a snapshot of the moment that lead me to that song.” ‘Stages’ was produced by Teddy Morgan (writer, producer and guitar player for Kevin Costner & Modern West).

The ‘Stages’ release was supported by a small tour of the UK which Josh described as feeling like he was “coming home.” On this run of dates he was hailed as ‘the new Boss’ by the Bournemouth Echo and his high energy shows are something of a Taerk trademark. In an interview with us earlier this year he said “whether it’s 500 or 5000, I’m going to play the same show and give 200%.” Having also been named as one of the “Top 5 Live Acts” of 2015 by Get Ready To Rock, Josh’s show is one to catch when he returns to the UK in May, armed with new songs from his highly anticipated 2018 album.

You can find Josh Taerk and his music online on Spotify, Apple Music, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his official website.

Anywhere Love Took Us | Josh Taerk

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